Our HVAC department strives to find the best heating and cooling system that meets your goals and budget, including comfort and energy efficiency. We have experience in all system/equipment types (chillers, boilers, air handling units, VRF, VAV, heat pumps, energy recovery systems, etc.), and have applied them to many types of buildings. We also have experience in specialty areas such as laboratories (fume hoods), clean rooms, humidity control, geothermal systems, sound sensitive areas and healthcare applications (surgery centers, MRI rooms, etc).

Our electrical department has vast experience in design and construction. During lighting design, we work with the architect and interior design team to provide great form and function. We use the latest photometric software than can produce a rendering of lighting levels in a space to review prior to being installed. We use technology to provide energy efficiency, including LED fixtures, occupancy sensors, and lighting control systems. We provide reliable power distribution system designs, including emergency power and backup generators to meet the needs of the building. We are well-versed in fire alarm systems to provide occupant safety and protection. We provide infrastructure design for low voltage systems, including data, television, security, and access control systems.

Our plumbing department is well-versed in plumbing design for all types of facilities. We emphasize maintaining good functionality in conjunction with water efficiency/conservation. Our designers have experience in water distribution, water heating, water softening, specialty water systems, medical gas systems, and sanitary and storm systems. We also have experience in specialty areas such as fuel oil systems, fuel gas systems, kitchen systems including grease waste. We also have experience in high rise construction.

Our fire protection team provides the initial design and scope documents required for sprinkler contractors to finish the calculations and piping design that is typical for our area. Safety of the building occupants is our priority. We are very knowledgeable in fire codes for all types of facilities, to ensure the building and occupants are protected. We have experience designing fire pumps, stand pipe and fire riser layouts, and fire department connections.

Energy efficiency is a top priority. Our designers are experienced in complying with and exceeding energy codes, and continue to learn about new technology in regards to energy efficiency and sustainability. We have completed several Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED) projects, including running energy models.

We use Revit as our 3-D building modeling software tool to provide building models to coordinate our systems with the building architecture and structure, to ensure our systems will be buildable and maintainable.